Benefits of Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Owensboro

There are a lot of personal injury cases where individuals can represent themselves but to get the best results, one should engage the services of an experienced attorney. This is particularly true in cases where the individual is the victim of a pedestrian accident.

Determining the Responsible Party

Determining the responsible party or parties of a pedestrian accident is usually difficult and requires the services of a legal expert who is well-versed in such cases. Such lawyers undertake a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the case as well as the location of the accident to determine the responsible party. Once that has been done, the attorney then commences negotiations with the responsible party or parties and their insurance firm.

Takes the Case to Court

If the responsible party refuses to own up, the lawyer can go ahead and take the case to open court. The slip and fall lawyer follows all court procedures and ensures that the relevant paperwork is correctly filed. Pedestrian accident attorneys also represent their clients during court proceedings and do all within their power to ensure a favorable outcome.

Proving the Defendant’s Negligence

This means proving beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant(s) were negligent in their duties, thus creating or enabling the circumstances that led to the accident. The lawyer has to visit the scene of the incident to determine all the factors that caused the slip and fall accident. Once this has been done, the local, state and federal laws will need to be examined to ensure that the owner of the premises violated any safety or building regulations or if the condition of the walkway is up to standards.

Financial Compensation

Once this has been done, the lawyer then moves to the process of calculating the effect of the injury on the well-being and lifestyle of the victim. This is vital in determining the amount of financial compensation due. This compensation is meant to take care of the medical bills incurred during the victim’s stay at a healthcare facility or a rehab center.

The Reluctance of Insurance Firms to Pay Compensation

By law, insurance companies are meant to pay out these compensations to auto accident victims. However, many of these firms look for ways to avoid paying victims these benefits or try to reduce the compensation amount. This is why victims need to engage the services of expert pedestrian accident attorneys.


These lawyers can legally force insurance firms to pay victims their rightful due. They are well versed in the complexities of state and federal law that deals with pedestrian accidents and are experienced in the process of gathering evidence to prove the culpability of the responsible party.

It is essential that individuals who are victims of pedestrian accidents immediately obtain legal advice to ensure that their rights are protected. Victims who want to talk with an explosion accident attorney in Owensboro should schedule an appointment with the law offices of Gerling Law. For more information and to make inquiries about our services, please click here.