Benefits of Hiring a Construction Accidents Lawyer in Owensboro

When undertaking a construction project, workers have to contend with potentially dangerous and injurious situations. If not handled carefully, situations such as working on and around scaffolding, handling equipment and power tools such as power conveyors, and utilizing forklifts and cranes all have the potential to cause severe construction accidents and result in injuries and fatalities.

Causes of Construction Accident

Even when construction firms train their personnel in the correct use of these equipment and necessary safety procedures, a lot of accidents frequently occur on construction sites. Most of these accidents cause debilitating and permanent damage to workers and are as a result of negligence and manufacturing defects on the construction equipment in use.

Payment of Adequate Compensation

Once a construction accident occurs, insurance companies are required by law to pay the victims an adequate and fair compensation to recompense them for the injuries suffered. The recuperation and recovery of the victims will require a prolonged stay in a healthcare facility, and this will result in huge medical bills. The compensation is meant to ease the financial stress of paying these medical bills.

The Unwillingness of Insurance Companies and Their Clients

However, many insurance firms and their clients are averse to paying victims of construction accident their due. These insurance firms aim to make as much money as possible and minimize insurance pay-outs to victims. They constantly look for ways to exploit the loopholes in state and federal law and avoid compensating victims of construction site accidents.

Importance of Engaging the Services of Construction Accident Attorneys

This is why victims should immediately hire a construction accident attorney to protect their interests. As such, proven expertise and experience is the most important quality that construction accident victims or their family members should look for when hiring an attorney. Proving the liability of the guilty party can be difficult especially in cases where there are multiple factors are at play. Construction injury lawyers have undergone years of training and have acquired the necessary expertise to effectively handle construction accident cases.

Expert Advice and Adequate Representation

Even in cases where the victim or the insurance firm is not willing to run the risk of a court case, they advise and represent their clients in negotiations. Depending on the circumstances of the incident and other attendant factors, they determine what a fair settlement is and use every means and resources at their disposal to ensure that the insurance firm promptly pays the compensation.


Victims are advised to choose expert construction accident lawyers with sterling records. Such lawyers usually have a tough reputation in their locales, and insurance firms are usually reluctant to go toe-to-toe with them. When confronted with such accomplished attorneys, insurance firms may be unwilling to take the case to court and may decide on a quick settlement.

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