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Owensboro Residents Choice for Legal Representation

Although residents in the Tri-State area have several qualified attorneys to choose from when it comes to legal representation, the choice for many people and for many years has been Gerling Law. We’ve earned our reputation for being tough, aggressive and fair with every case we take on. And our “people first” philosophy means that we use every means available to fight for our clients, treating each person we represent with compassion and respect.

Gerling Law’s Core Values

For more than five decades, we have been guided by a set of Core Values that extends to all facets of our legal practice. These Core Values are based on maintaining trust and integrity in every case we work on as well as providing the peace of mind a client needs at their greatest time of need. Our Core Values include:

Purpose. We exist to make people’s lives better by providing aggressive, high quality legal representation.
Clients. We are grateful and motivated to serve our clients, and our goal is to treat each one with respect and sincerity.
Work Environment. We are respectful and loyal to each other, creating a work environment that nurtures knowledge, imagination, skills, teamwork, integrity and optimism.
Performance. We are dedicated to producing a quality product, providing quality service and communications, and maintaining the quality of our relationships.
Integrity. We remain committed to the highest levels of ethics, integrity and civility.
Community. We believe that we have a responsibility to the residents and businesses of Owensboro to provide the highest caliber of legal services to help maintain the vitality of the community.
Profit. We believe in operating an efficient business that maintains an acceptable degree of profitability so that we can continue to serve the people of Owensboro and its surrounding Kentucky communities.


If You Are the Victim of an Accident in Owensboro, Contact Us to Discuss Your Options

At Gerling Law, we focus on providing quality legal services for Owensboro residents who have been injured due to the negligence of others. By practicing in this area of law, we are able to focus our efforts, experience, and due diligence to create aggressive strategies that will maximize our clients chances of recovering the maximum amount possible for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills and other related damages.

We are recognized as one of Owensboro’s top personal injury law firms for many reasons. Because the key to winning any personal injury case is proving the defendant’s negligence, we take great care to work through each step of this process. Our goal is to build a solid case that shows that the defendant had a responsibility to provide a reasonable amount of care in a particular situation, that they breached that care, and that our client suffered injuries or damages as a result. This applies in every instance, whether the case involves a drunk driver who ran a red light, a manufacturer who built and distributed a faulty product, or a property owner who did not properly maintain common areas such as walkways and stair wells, resulting in a slip, trip or fall situation.

We Are Skilled Car Accident and Truck Accident Attorneys

Because car accidents and truck accidents are two of the most common forms of personal injury cases, we are especially adept and experienced in dealing with these kinds of cases. Our car accident attorneys and our truck accident attorneys are experienced in dealing with the unique aspects of both and we are ready to use this experience to benefit you.

Car and truck accident cases mean dealing with large insurance companies on a regular basis. With our many years of experience, we fully understand the thought processes, methodologies, tactics and strategies that they employ to try and reduce the amount they will pay. Armed with this knowledge, we are more than ready to effectively negotiate with insurance companies and their attorneys on behalf of our clients. And in those cases where a settlement is not possible, we are ready to use our substantial resources to go to trial and win our client’s case.

Our Goal Is to Protect Your Interests

Gerling Law accident attorneys know that the key to winning a case is proving that a direct relationship exists between the defendant’s negligence and our client’s injuries. Once we are able to prove this link, we can apply our experience to proving the amount of damages that may be involved. Because most cases never reach the actual trial phase, we place great emphasis on being skilled negotiators, working with opposing attorneys to reach settlements that are fair and just, and protecting our clients interests to the highest degree possible.

If you or a family member have been injured due to the negligence of another person or company, contact us immediately to see how we can help you.

Gerling Law serves clients in Owensboro and other nearby Kentucky communities.

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